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  • The Playstation 5 is finally revealed by Sony!

    The PS5 is finally revealed! Sony indeed took advantage of the last moments of the conference to lift the veil on the first images of its new home console. Ultra futuristic, the Playstation 5 gives way to white and sharp lines. Like its rival the Xbox Series X, it is built vertically.
  • IPhone Jailbreak: Understanding Everything in Uncover 5

    From an era when they were almost generalized, jailbreak on iOS and root on Android have today become marginal. In either case, it is a question of using a system flaw in order to grant yourself additional privileges and thus exceed certain imposed limits. This allows in particular to further customize its interface, including at the level of certain parts usually impossible to modify by the very nature of the OS, in particular in the Apple ecosystem. However, some teams are still working on it, and one of them has just given birth to unc0ver 5, a tool for jailbreaking your iPhone with iOS 13.5 (since iOS 11). Here's everything you need to know about this new hack.
  • 5G: facing fake news, social networks on a crest line

    While 5G is the subject of an increasing number of fake news, social networks must find the right balance between removing dangerous content and...

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